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Who is This Guy?

May I introduce myself?

I am Randall A. Gordon and I create.

What do I create? Well, just about anything I find the desire to...create!

Mostly I create designs targeted for the web. I'm a geek, through and through. One's and zero's give me joy. So applying my creative side to the web just makes sense.

But that's just the start of it.

The variety of the physical world drives my desire for print design. I'm a fiend for examining textures—paper, cloth, wood, stone. The natural world is wonderous. Found objects are strewn around my house to the point where they become found objects a second time around!

I have an incredibly diverse set of hobbies that keep me busy. Photography. Music production. Mountain biking. Snowboarding. Motorsports. History. Voiding warranties. Even knitting from time to time...

I cram all these inspirations together to make...well, keep reading and find out!


My Writing, Thoughts

My blog covers technology and how it affects our daily lives, with a little mix of philosophy for good measure.

Home of the Ranbot 3000


Stuff I've Designed

I'm Design Lead for Mind Kitchen Media. Below you'll find a small sample of my work, but head on over to MKM's site or check out my Behance profile for more!

Mind Kitchen Media provides cross-media design services. From a simple logo, to complete branding and identity systems; a basic website, to custom business solutions.


Art From Behind My Lens

Most of my photography is tucked away in my Google+ Photo Albums but here are a few of the more awesome shots, take a peek!

All content, excluding the work in my Portfolio, is licensed CC-BY-SA, unless otherwise noted. Museo and Museo Sans fonts by Jos Buivenga. Twitter icon by Siah Design. Thank you!